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Monday, November 28, 2016


 So hard to believe that already Thanksgiving has passed, and that the Christmas Season, The Advent, is already upon us. Made me sad to see so many people , in so many places, fighting over popular gifts on Thanksgiving day.  I think it is a sad commentary on what many people focus on during this Holiday season. I am determined this year, to spend more time in my kitchen with my mothers old apron on, making home made little gifts of love, making homemade cards for special people in my life, and focusing on LOVE and the real reason that we celebrate this season. Less rush and stress, and more time to appreciate the people who are precious to me.  I have challenged my self to do, once at least each day, a small act of kindness in honor of the love of this season. Does not mean I have to spend a lot of money on it, but that I will try to put MYSELF in to these acts. Beginning today.
 I am also committed to daily reflecting on the Lord in my life for whom we honor this time. CHRISTMAS, not winter holiday, or even XMAS. Am grateful for one friend who is hosting an online ADVENT bible study. So grateful for this, and will help me keep my focus! I challenge all of you to take time each and every day to LOVE AND APPRECIATE, rather than let all of the stresses of the holidays take over your life as well as your bank account. Hugs to all of you and may your Christmas season be filled with peace and blessings

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Out the other day and saw the shiniest little beetle having lunch. Thought that I would share today. It always amazes me when I look at the unlimited diversity I see every day in Gods creations. So here is a tiny beetle that I am sharing today with SATURDAYS CRITTERS. All creatures are so beautiful in their own way.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


 Wanted to share the sweet little face of this owl that was present at a recent street festival near my cabin. He was so pretty and had been rescued after being injured by a car and honestly seemed like a pretty happy little fellow posing for photos while sitting on his own private log. Sharing today with Eileens  SATURDAYS CRITTERS and also I'D RATHER B BIRD'IN

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


 This past weekend was such a wonderful time. We had the privilege once again , of going up to our cabin, and the weather was just wonderful. The road going to our cabin is 3 miles long, and is a dirt road. We always get such a wonderful feeling of peace as we are arriving... the sense of being home once again in a place of quiet and protection. Because of the dirt road, there is always a lot of dust flying around, and on the way in, I loved the murkiness of the sunset over the hills. This year, there has not been as much color as we usually see in the mountains... maybe because of not enough rain, but definitely different than most years, so it took a little more effort when out with my camera to find "FALL". I always love the lake near our cabin, and it is so quiet and serene as we are on the lakeshore, and the colors in the hills stand out brightly against the greens of summer and the lake which is so clear.

 I love the fall reflections in Cucumber Creek, which is near our cabin... the sound of the quiet fall waters burbling past as we watch. Don't you love seeing the stability and firmness of the earth underneath the traveling waters. Love watching the solitary colorful leaves floating past lazily.

 We had the privilege of seeing a large flock of migratory birds, circling above us in the cerulean blue sky of fall. Was excited when a friend with us easily identified these birds as pelicans, on their way I think , to the Texas coast. They were kind of funny because as we watched for the longest time, they just flew around in circles. My husband said they were resetting their compass. Not sure about that, but they were definitely not making much progress. Maybe they were just resting on the mountain updrafts.

 Had a great day on Sunday as we headed up to the Talimena Drive and walked a path through the woods. Love the crunch of the leaves underfoot, and the browns, oranges, and greens of Fall. I always think of the coming Thanksgiving holiday when I am walking in the woods in the fall, as when I was a little girl, I loved walking in t he woods at my grandmothers house after Thanksgiving dinner. Loved seeing the mushrooms, lichen, and colors of the trees as we walked. Could also smell some woodsmoke from someones chimney as we walked along with our two puppies, Maggie and Zeke in the woods. Love that cozy smell in the fall.

 Night brought on the supermoon, or Harvest moon as i call it, and thought it looked so gorgeous riding high in the sky. Such beauty God provides for us in our daily lives.

 Then home to the cabin for some hot tea and some reflection time on all of the blessings in my life. More than I can count!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


 On my recent work trip to El Paso, I did have one day off to do some sight seeing, and the first place that I headed was to the Franklin Mountain State Park, and the nearby Aerial Tramway. The tram takes you up a nearly vertical ascent lasting 4 minutes to the top of the mountain where there are stunning views in to Mexico, of the Rio Grande River, and also of El Paso laying far below.
 At the top of the mountain there are multiple radio signal stations, and a small platform to view the scenery.
 In the tram on  the way up ( there were 6 of us in the car) , the lady next to me said oh look, there are some rabbits below in the rocks. So these two photos are of the "rabbits" who turned out to be a small herd of mule deer leaping up t he steep and rocky terrain like mountain goats. Both of these shots have a deer present, and you really have to look very carefully to see them.
 This is on the top looking up through the radio tower high above me
 And looking down from the platform toward the city of El Paso below.  I was in El Paso for 8 days and really enjoyed seeing the mountains and checking out some of the great food. Am home now for 3 weeks and then will be going one more time to work for another week there. Hoping to see lots more scenery when I am there. planning to do this tram again and go up for sunset and to enjoy seeing the city lighting up below me. Heard it was a special treat to go when  the night falls.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


 Am hoping for some help from any birding friends. I spent this past week in El Paso Texas for my job, and had one day off . Spent some time exploring the Franklin Mountain State park and saw this bird who had a pretty song.  The problem is that I have no idea what sort of bird it is. Was exploring some of my birding books, and the closest that I saw was a BROWN THRASHER. Does anyone know for sure what this little guy is? Some of the photos I saw looked like this bird, and then many of them had marked spots on the chest, which this bird does not. Cute little guy, but what is he?? It was definitely in a desert area filled with cactus and no trees to speak of.  If you have an idea, would love to hear.
Sharing to day with I'd Rather Be Birdin

Friday, October 28, 2016


Just wanted to share a shot that I took of a lovely swan that we saw for 3 days during some time that we were in Arkansas recently. After I took the shot with a 600 mm lens, and then looked at it on my screen, I saw something around that swan's neck that worried me. I did call the Buffalo River Ranger station and forwarded them the photo of the swan.  I was really worried that it had gotten something around its neck and would be unable to eat properly. The rangers followed up on this immediately and I was told that the bird was fine, that this was a band that had been placed on the bird for identification 7 years ago. The swan had been gone elsewhere for 4 years, and had apparently just shown back up in the area of original banding.  I was really surprise to see this sort of banding, and not being much of a "birder" was really worried about the bird. Is this a common way to band a bird like this, or is it unusual. Would love some feedback on this from some of you "experienced birders.  Linking up today with both  Eileen's Saturdays Critters and also  I'd Rather be Bird'in.  Happy Saturday to all of you!